Knowing the three key principles makes using IF simple and straightforward:
So sensibly, #YnotIF?


Get bond-like structures that are more sustainable because they are backed by underlying assets.
Islamic Funds Assets

Private Equity / Venture Capital

Get IF-focused private equity or venture capital if your business operates within the following IF benchmarks.
Business Revenue IF Benchmarks


Get IF financing with the deep expertise and broad capabilities of the world’s second largest IF financing market by assets.
Project Financing / Bridging
Corporate / Syndicated Financing
Term Financing for Working Capital
Trade Financing
Debt Restructuring

Advisory Services

Get IF advisory services from players who are experienced in serving your IF needs globally.
Shariah Advisory
IF Strategy & Finance Advisory
IF Legal Advisory
IF Tax Advisory
IF Accounting Advisory
IF Arbitration
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Asset Management

Get IF asset management services from Malaysia’s extensive pool of professionals in the global IF fund industry.
Islamic Funds Assets


Get the expertise of thought-leading studies conducted by IF research houses and postgraduate IF-focused universities. Malaysia has an advanced capability in IF education, with globally recognised universities providing IF expertise for the world.


Get the IF method for protecting your business and other activities.

Talent Development

Get your organisation’s talent up to speed on IF principles at Malaysia’s numerous, globally-respected IF-centric institutions of higher learning.

Get updates on IF innovations, expertise and deal-flow emanating from Malaysia, the world’s IF marketplace.