A strong case for IF with Malaysia

Malaysia is home to the most comprehensive and sophisticated IF marketplace based on an end-to-end value chain that has grown from strength to strength for over 30 years.

Among the best in financial market development

Ranked fourth in the world for financial market development in both conventional finance and IF by the World Economic Forum, Malaysia has earned its stripes as a leading emerging market within the global financial marketplace.
Business Revenue IF Benchmarks

Top notch financing conduciveness and market regulation

Ranked 8th and 13th globally for financing through local equity markets and regulation of the securities market respectively, it is no surprise that the Malaysian sukuk and IF-compliant equities market is the world’s leading.
Business Revenue IF Benchmarks
Business Revenue IF Benchmarks
Business Revenue IF Benchmarks
Business Revenue IF Benchmarks

Extensive IF compliance and sukuk market share

With 74% of Bursa Malaysia listed companies being IF compliant and being home to the majority of the world’s listed sukuk, Malaysia has proven depth and breadth in managing funds seeking IF investments.

Developed market benchmarks in an emerging one

Furthermore, as a leading IF marketplace that has instilled sustainable disciplines right from the beginning, Bursa Malaysia is the world’s first emerging market to benchmark its listed companies to developed market ESG standards with the introduction of the FTSE4Good ESG index in 2014.

A world leading IF marketplace combined with a trendsetting emerging marketplace for conventional finance. #YnotIF with Malaysia?

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